When can I enter the Idaho Author Awards?

Entries are open July 12 through September 22, 2016.

Who is eligible to enter?

Any author who resides in Idaho or published with an Idahoan publisher within the last three years.

Can I nominate a book for award even if I didn’t write it?

Yes! As long as the book falls within the parameters of the rules, you may submit books on another’s behalf.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel is comprised of professional individuals in the publishing industry, business owners and entrepreneurs, educators, and literary experts from around Idaho.

How much does it cost to submit a book for award?
Entries cost $40 per category but entries received by August 5th receive special Early Bird $30 pricing!

How many categories can I enter my book in?

You may enter in up to three categories, but keep in mind that the entry fee is per category. (i.e. if you enter one category, it would be $30, if you enter two, it would be $80, etc.)

Do I need to submit a physical copy of my book or just upload it?

You need to submit one physical copy when you enter your book.

Can I enter again if I’ve won in the past?

If you’ve won in the past, you may not enter the category in which you won again but you may enter your book in another category. (For example, if your book won 2nd place in Inspirational, you may not enter again in Inspirational, but may enter in Top 5 Nonfiction.)

What is the reception like?

The reception is an opportunity to honor the award winners and present them with their respective award. It’s an enjoyable evening of mingling and getting to know the Idaho publishing community. Free appetizers, beverages, and a no-host bar will be available.

Who comes to the reception? Can I bring my kids?

The reception is open to anyone who purchases a ticket. Award winners, local authors, and people across the community attend the festivities. Feel free to bring your family or children.

What do I wear to the reception?

This is a “business formal” event. (Dress ranges from nice jeans to suits and ties and cocktail dresses.)

I have more questions. Whom can I ask?

Email idahobookawards@gmail.com or call Hannah Rhinehart 208.401.5971.